Upcoming College Championship Ball Games

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College Championship Games...

As it does every year, the chatter about the College Football Playoff has dominated the headlines. But before that field of four can be set next Sunday, conference championship week needs to be played. While it isn't the kind note that will change the course of human history, something will happen this college football season that has never happened before. For the first time in history, each major conference will play a conference championship game.

The marquee matchup will come in the 2018 SEC Championship Game as No. 1 Alabama takes on No. 5 Georgia in a rematch of the 2018 CFP National Championship. But there are plenty of high-stakes affairs over the two-day span.


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Apple Watch Tech Tips

                    How to hide watch apps

The Apple Watch interface can get cumbersome, especially when it’s cluttered with a myriad of apps you don’t actually use. If you want to hide a third-party app from view, simply press and hold your finger on the cluster of apps until they begin to vibrate. Next, tap the “X” symbol and press Delete App to confirm your decision. If you’re in list view swipe the app left, and tap the trash icon to remove it.

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