FREE Adjustable Dog Bandana

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FREE Adjustable Dog Bandana 

Your best friend is already a cutie.. Now they can be stylish... Fun accessory for your pet.

7 Colors to choose: Black, Blue, Sky Blue, Green, Purple, Red, and Rose.

Suitable for puppies and small cats.

Sizes:  S M L XL

Size S: Width 1.0cm x Length 32cm/12.6" Neck Adjustable Length: 23-28cm/9-11"

Size M: Width 1.5cm x Length 38cm/15" Neck Adjustable Length: 28-34cm/11-13.4"

Size L: Width 2.0cm x Length 45cm/17.7" Neck Adjustable Length: 31-41cm/12.2-16.1"

Size XL: Width 2.5cm x Length 51cm/20" Neck Adjustable Length: 34-44cm/13.4-17.3"

Note: - Size S does not have a loop, Sizes M, L, and XL do.

Note: - Size S is suitable for small cats and teacup dogs.