FREE Magnetic Super FAST Charging Cable for Iphone

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FREE Magnetic Super FAST Charging Cable for Iphone

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We've all been in this situation.  Whether its at night, in the car, at work.. you just can't get the end of your charging cable into your phone.  You struggle and struggle.. cuss and moan.. Finally you damage your charging cable or worse you damage your IPhone.  

This is the Magic Cure for your Iphone.. The Magnetic Charging Cable.

Super Fast 2.4A magnetic charging cable.  

One hand connection.. one super strong magnetic.  Instantly starts charging.

A Dream come true....

Grab a couple today and throw those standard charging cables away.

Available in 3 foot length.

Available for all IPhone 7's, 6's, and 5's.  Also available for Ipad Mini and Ipad Air.

We have 3 Color Choices.

Super fast shipping, but some colors ship fast than others.  Please allow 7 days to 3 weeks to receive your charging cable.